Ben Patterson

educator • classicist • developer • eater of chocolate 🍫

I like to build things. As an educator, I build safe learning communities. As a writer, I build images in a reader's imagination. And as a web developer, I build pathways to information.

I'm a certified Latin teacher who has taught for ten years in online and classroom environments. My formal training is in education, but I'm an autodidact programmer and website builder. Currently, I'm improving my web development skills through Awesome Inc's Developer Bootcamp.

From the blog

A Dash of Jekyll, A Pinch of Vue

Is it possible to incorporate Vue.js into a site built with Jekyll? You betcha! But watch out for a few sticky wickets...

Preserving an image's aspect ratio—the easy way

Perhaps the single most impactful aspect of a web site is its imagery, but images are deceptively difficult to use effectively. Let's discuss a technique guaranteed to preserve an image's aspect ratio, while ensuring it appears at the desired size on your web page.

Unit Testing with Mocha

It's a great feeling to have built something. It's an even better feeling to be confident that the thing you built does what it's supposed to do. How can we gain this confidence?